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Secure Benefits Group Inc., an Estate and Financial Planning company, has helped thousands of clients safeguard their current assets and prepare their estates for future transfer. By putting your affairs in order and making your intentions known, you will reduce the burden on your loved ones in the event of your death.

Secure Benefits Group can assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities to your family and friends. Time spent planning your estate today will assure privacy, family control and efficient transfer of assets in the future.

We offer a variety of tools to maximize your income and ensure that your heirs receive the inheritance they deserve.

Our estate advisors can help you understand and choose from a wide range of options for an estate plan that meets your individual needs.

Secure Benefits Group is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service and care.

Corporate Staff:

Zed C. Long - CEO (Zed@SBGonline.com)
John L. Harris - President (John@SBGonline.com)
Kathleen Smith - New Business Coordinator (Kathleen@SBGonline.com)


John L. Harris (Ins. Lic. WA- 119017, CA-0510500) (John@SBGonline.com)
Troy Melville (Ins. Lic. WA - 725310) (Troy@SBGonline.com)

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Suite 205
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